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Img.399 from Milicz (#D6b)

Img.399 (#D6b): The so-called "hunger tower" from Paczków in southern Poland. It was to this tower that the medieval authorities of Paczków threw people who somehow fell into disfavor with them. This tower had no windows at all, except for a small human-sized throw-in placed in the center of its ceiling. Hence, any convict thrown into it quickly died from lack of water, food and light. When this tower was broken through in the 1950s to run the walkway seen in the photo above, it was overrun with hundreds of skeletons of people once thrown into it to die in it. At this point it is worth realizing that people probably wouldn't be committing this type of crime if the Earth wasn't in the power of "simulations" of evil UFOnauts, who incessantly pits one people against another.

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