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Img.398 from Milicz (#D6a)

Img.398 (#D6a): The photograph in the illustration "Photo #D6(a)" shows the cell in which Blessed Dorothy of Mątow (1347-1394) was walled up alive. Photographed in June 2004. (Of course, the current furnishings contained in this cell did not exist there at the time of the bricking. In the cells used for live bricking, there was usually nothing but the person imprisoned in them, and except for iron brackets in the walls for handcuffing). The cell shown above is in Kwidzyn Cathedral. Blessed Dorothy's only offense was that UFOnauts showed themselves to her, while she reported these encounters with unearthly beings to the authorities. In today's times, instead of being walled up alive, she would rather write books about her encounters with UFOnauts and her visits to UFOnauts' planets.

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