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Img.039 from Bandits (#B1)/ (#A2.12b) - Totalizm

Img.039 (#B1): My beloved companion and four-legged friend named Teecee. Note his sad eyes - in which you can already see the premonition of death. In spite of his tiny size, his importance in my life was as overwhelming as his loving heart. It was this unassuming Teecee who was able to teach me so much about love and about appreciating the value and fragility of life. I can't describe the sadness, despair and feelings of tregedy that have filled me since Teecee was murdered in such a brutal way by the squalid relatives of humanity. My whole world collapsed into dust with his death. My heart is filled with a pain I can't even express. Teecee, I will never forget you and you will forever remain in my memory and heart.

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