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Img.389 from Memorial (#5a)

Img.390 from Memorial (#5a)

Sequence (#5ab): Img.389/390 An illustration which realizes what kind of trick UFOnauts used around 2005 to lead me into a trap at that time by giving me to interpret an authentic UFO photograph similar to the one shown in part "#5a" above, and then publishing on the Internet the slander that I interpreted a very awkwardly fabricated UFO likeness from this photograph glued to a window pane. Even a cursory examination of the configuration of UFO vehicles shown in the above illustration reveals that one must either (1) be a UFOnaut, or (2) one must be perfectly familiar with my theories in order to know at all that such a UFO configuration exists and that UFO vehicles are capable of forming it. (In turn, since no person who had the motivation and patience to read in detail the results of my research would go so far as to forge UFO photographs, the only ones who could forge this were UFOnauts themselves.) After all, ordinary fraudsters-unscientists who typically fabricate UFO photographs-do not even have an idea that this type of UFO configuration exists and that UFOs can form it. In addition to this, this configuration forms a whole range of phenomena unique to it, which were visible on the photo sent to me by UFOnauts for my opinion, and which ordinary photo fabricators would not be able to fake.

I am quoting the above illustration here because the original UFO photograph which I interpreted scientifically at the time UFOnauts silently deleted from my computer. This is because, in spite of the fact that I remember perfectly well that I kept this vital photograph and the associated documentation in my computer for later use, currently they are already missing from my computer. At the same time, it is also already widely known, UFOnauts do not find it at all difficult to delete anything from anyone's computer, or to carry out any sabotage in human computers. The reason is that their agents on Earth, by folklore called changelings, have inserted special secret logic circuits called "sabotage loops" into the microprocessors used in our computers. These circuits are described in more detail on a separate website called Sabotage loop. This "sabotage loop" allows any UFO vehicle which is in the vicinity of a given computer to completely take control over this computer and to implement in this computer whatever UFOnauts wish, and not what an earthly user of this computer tries to do. In this way UFOnauts can deleting or altering any files contained in a given computer, introduce viruses into any computer whenever they feel like it, break the computer at any time, prevent the computer from working at inconvenient times, and practically carry out any kind of computer sabotage that UFOnauts wish.

Img.389 (#5a) Authentic photo of a rather complicated semisimple configuration ufomed from four UFO vehicles of K6 type. This configuration is too complicated for ordinary fake-unscientists to know of its existence at all. In addition, it forms a whole range of unique phenomena, which to a researcher familiar with it are easy to spot. For example, it forms the so-called "magnetic lens" well visible in the above picture.

Originally, this photo was presented and discussed in "Fig. P13" from monograph [1/4]. It is the so-called "Oregon UFO". This object was photographed by a biochemistry consultant with a Ph.D. It hovered motionless above a forest in Willamette Pass, Northern Oregon, USA, on November 22, 1966 - see the three books citing this phiograph in subsection P2.16 from volume 13 of monograph [1/4], namely [1P2] page 84, [4P2] page 114, [6P2] page 114. This UFO object represents a semi-complex configuration formed from two spherical complexes of K6-type UFOs, coupled together by their spherical domes - see also Figure P9 in [1/4]. The final shape of this configuration corresponds to the shape of the Magnocraft set in monograph [1/4] shown in Figure F9 "b" (here shown in part "b"), only that it is slightly blurred due to the action of the magnetic lens formed by the output of the side propulsors of the coupled UFO vehicles.

Img.390 (#5b) Figure F9 from monograph [1/4]. It illustrates how such a semisimple configuration is formed from four discoidal vehicles. Two pairs of such vehicles magnetically attach their floors to each other, thus forming two spherical complexes. Next, the two complexes are magnetically joined to each other, forming the entire semispherical configuration. The above drawing intentionally shows a cross-section of the left quadrant of the normally completely discoidal vehicles shown there, so that this cross-section illustrates how the magnetic poles from the propulsors of the individual vehicles cooperate with each other. The area on this drawing marked as containing "liquid" is actually filled with a gelatinous substance which is described under the name "angel hair" on a separate page about evidence of UFO activity on Earth. After disassembling this configuration, this jelly falls to Earth, while people sometimes can meet it abandoned in forests and fields. It is also worth emphasizing here that only UFOnauts themselves, and those few researchers who had the motivation and patience to thoroughly study my scientific monographs, have any idea that such UFO configurations exist at all. On the other hand, human "non-factory photographers of UFOs" as a rule are ignorant. Thus, they could not possibly know of the existence of such UFO configurations.

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