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Copyright Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk

Img.387 from Memorial (#2a)

Img.388 from Memorial (#2b)

Sequence (#2ab): Img.387/ Abb.388 Examples of photographs of searchlight streaks which were photographed in the same area of New York City and against the same background as the area and background shown in photographs Abb.385 (#1) from this page. Notice that the streaks cast by human searchlights become increasingly dispersed as they move away from the source of light (searchlights) that produces them - which, however, is NOT the case with the streaks produced and cast by UFOs. A flock of UFOnauts active on groups.google.com/group/en.misc.paranauki intended to use these photos as a kind of "evidence" which was to help massacre the opinions of those brave enough to speak positively about the authentic UFO photos shown previously as Img.385 (#1) from this page. Beispiele für Fotos von Suchscheinwerferstreifen, die im gleichen Gebiet von New York City und vor dem gleichen Hintergrund wie das Gebiet und der Hintergrund in Abb.385 (#1) dieser Webseite" fotografiert wurden. Beachte, dass die Streifen, die von menschlichen Scheinwerfern erzeugt werden, sich immer mehr auflösen, je weiter sie sich von der Lichtquelle (Scheinwerfer), die sie erzeugt, entfernen - was bei den von UFOs erzeugten und geworfenen Streifen jedoch NICHT der Fall ist. Eine Schar von UFOnauten, die in der Gruppe groups.google.com/group/de.misc.paranauki aktiv sind, beabsichtigte, diese Fotos als eine Art "Beweis" zu verwenden, der dazu beitragen sollte, die Meinung dieser tapferen Menschen zu massakrieren, die sich positiv über die authentischen UFO-Fotos äußern, die zuvor als Abb.242 (#1) auf dieser Webseite gezeigt wurden.

On June 27, 2007, the above photos, along with a number of others similar to them, were put up for viewing on the Internet at outdoors.webshots.com/album/33102596BzNOOl. However, from previous unpleasant experiences, it is well known to me that immediately after I point out these photos in the scientific proof exposing the occupation of the Earth by UFOs (presented on this page), these photos will immediately be either sabotaged or removed by UFOnauts. Thus, they will become inaccessible in their original location. Therefore, for the scientific credibility of the proof presented on this page, I have secured both the above photos from being deletion or removed from their original location. At the same time, however, I remind readers that the copyright to these photos belongs to their original owners.

Img.387 Das Foto der beiden Reflektorstreifen, das ursprünglich unter der Webadresse outdoors.webshots.com/photo/1034414084015111327sUJsGN ausgestellt wurde und am Tag der Einrichtung dieser Seite, d.h. am 27. Juni 2007, dort noch verfügbar war.

Img.387 The photo of the two searchlight plumes which was originally exhibited at the web address outdoors.webshots.com/photo/1033102948015111327ZFITuS, and which was still there on the day this page was established, June 27, 2007.

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