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Img.385 from Memorial (#1a)

Img.386 from Memorial (#1b)

Sequence (#1ab):Abb.385/ Abb.386 Two authentic photographs of a UFO vehicle that illuminates the surface of the earth with columns of light cast by its side propulsors. It is just such pillars of light thrown on the ground by UFO vehicles that, among other things, are used by UFOnauts to "beam people" from the surface of the earth onto UFO decks - as it is explained in item #A1 of this web page Memorial. Both of the above photos were planned by UFOnauts operating on the groups.google.com/group/de.misc.paranauki for use as types of "bait" that were to provoke nodding statements. These statements were then planned to be crushingly undermined and mocked by the same UFOnauts with similar photos shown below as Abb.387/ Abb.388 (#2), and on June 27, 2007 exhibited on the Internet at groups.google.com/group/de.misc.paranauki - that is, photos this time showing Earth's reflector streaks rather than UFOs. In turn, by undermining possible statements of the noders with this "evidence" in the form of reflector streaks, UFOnauts planned to achieve the effect of further discouraging readers from seriously examining any authentic UFO photos. As will be shown in the further part of this page, this kind of activity discouraging and eroding human consciousness has been carried out on Earth by UFOnauts since time immemorial. The result of it is today's situation, when almost every person on Earth is overwhelmed by a kind of paranoia on all occasions whenever he or she hears the word "UFO". In this way UFOnauts can continue their covert occupation, exploitation and destruction of our planet with impunity.

Abb.385 (#1a) A photograph of a UFO vehicle which was originally exhibited at the web address baristanet.com/memorialnight.jpg and which was still available there on the day this page was established, i.e. June 27, 2007. On this photo you can clearly see two streaks of extremely bright light, which are cast by the side propulsors of the UFO vehicle suspended in the clouds. In turn, on a sizable enlargement of this photograph, a bunch of 6 further streaks of some colorless radiation (perhaps e.g. ultraviolet or infrared) are visible, which are also thrown towards the Earth's surface by the next side propulsors of this UFO vehicle. The total number (n/2)=8 of these columns of light produced by all side propulsors of this UFO and projected by them towards the Earth proves that the vehicle which produced them had at least n=16 side propulsors, i.e. that it was at least K5 type. (A UFO vehicle of type K5 has an outer diameter of D=17.56 meters, a height of H=3.51 meters, and n=16 side propulsors). An explanation of what UFO propulsors are and how they work is presented on a separate web page discussing the construction and operation of spacecraft with magnetic propulsion. The columns of light projected toward the ground by UFO propulsors must be characterized by features that cannot be duplicated in the streaks of light from Earth's refractors. Thus, the presence of these features in the pillars from the above photograph definitively proves that they were generated in the side propulsors of UFOs from which they are then projected towards the ground. A description of some of these features is contained in item #A3. of this web page Memorial.

Here are some examples of them documenting that the columns of light captured in the above photos are actually produced by the propulsors of the UFO vehicle and thrown by these propulsors towards the ground: (1) in the left photo "a" the floor of the UFO vehicle whose propulsors throw these columns of light is quite clearly visible, (2) the columns of this light are of the same diameter along their entire length, (3) all these columns are parallel to each other with a precision unattainable by human searchlights, (4) the columns of this light maintain the same color along their entire length, (5) already after publishing the analyses of this photograph, UFOnauts rapidly changed (retouched) with some program some of the more unique details of this photograph both on the copy of it exposed on the internet, and on the copy in my own computer - so that these unique details no longer agree with the descriptions of my analyses of this photograph (e.g. UFOnauts had previously smudged the sharp edges of individual light poles). Of course, observant readers who compare the above authentic photograph of powerful UFO lights cast downward by the UFO vehicle's propulsors, with the photographs of weak human searchlight streaks (from Abb.387/ Abb.388 (#2)) that shine from the ground upward, will also easily note further unique distinguishing features that unerringly allow to determine what exactly produced a given type of light streaks.

I hope that the reader has already noted the unusual nature of the photograph described here "Photo #1a". Namely, that as time passes, its technical quality continually deteriorates on all existing exeplays of it. In turn, together with the deterioration of this quality, the evidential value of this photograph is gradually eroded. This continuous, albeit secretive and impossible to prove, decline in the quality of all copies of this photograph actually also has its evidential value. For example, it proves, among other things, that (1) UFOnauts use time vehicles on a daily basis and go back to the past to gradually spoil the quality of this photograph, (2) this photograph is an authentic UFO photograph (otherwise there would be no need to secretly erode its evidential value), (3) the secretive occupation of Earth by UFOnauts is a fact - because only then UFOnauts have a significant purpose in this secretive spoiling of this photograph.

Img.386 (#1b) A photograph of a UFO vehicle, which was originally exhibited at the web address outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2784507990015111327wuDtVg and which was still available there on the day this page was established, i.e. June 27, 2007. (Click on this photo to be able to view an enlargement of it.) This photo probably shows the same UFO vehicle throwing with its propulsors on Earth the same columns of light as the photo from "Photo #1a" on the left. Only that it was taken (snapped) by a different UFOnaut than the photo from "Photo #1a". It is also worth noting the second strongly glowing UFO vehicle visible to the right of the UFO vehicle casting the columns of light. This second UFO vehicle has the typical shape of an "Adamski's UFO", i.e. a UFO vehicle hovering in a standing position and surrounded by a glowing cloud of air forming the so-called "ionic image of a magnetic vortex". - for details see the descriptions in volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5], or the slightly older monograph [1/4].

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