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Img.382 from Malbork (#H1a)

Img.383 from Malbork (#H1b)/ (#D11) - Wrocław

Sequence (#H1ab): Abb.382/ Abb.383 The appearance of the frog from the top of the "water gate" on the eastern side of Malbork Castle. This frog for Chinese "feng shui" is an inlet symbol that marks the so-called "Dragon Gate" on the energetic axis of Malbork Castle. ("Dragon Gate" from the secret knowledge of "feng shui", is a highly symbolic entrance gate through which is delivered to a given human habitat everything that later gives it power, meaning, and wealth. This is because the "chi" energy flowing through these gates is transformed in a given habitat into development and expansion, which occurs through the outlet pole of a given human habitat - in the case of Malbork Castle through the activities of the church whose niche contained the outlet symbol, i.e. the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Img.382 (#H1a) The appearance of the frog itself standing on top of the pedestal from the center of the "water gate". This frog is also discussed in the caption under the photo Img.392 (#26) from the website about the town of Milicz.

Img.383 (#H1b) The appearance of the entire "water gate" in the center of which this frog is located. This gate can be seen more or less in the left-center of the above photo from part "b". It is also described on the photo from "Fig. #11" of the web page about the city of Wrocław.

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