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Img.379 from Malbork (#D3a)

Img.380 from Malbork (#D3b)

Sequence (#D3ab): Abb.379/ Abb.380 Wooden "guards" of the former villages of Korea. It used to be that every village in Korea had such "guards" who "looked after" the village. Special magical treatments enhanced the power of these guards and their ability to identify those newcomers who carried the intention of harming someone in the village. Thus, these guards were famous for, among other things, persecuting and playing supernatural tricks on all comers to a given village who had some wicked intentions. Some villages were able to give their "guards" such magical power that sometimes these guards were even able to "expel" from the village with supernatural powers any wicked person coming to harm someone in it. For this "protection" of the village, for protecting their inhabitants from "evil" brought by foreign visitors, and also for persecuting transients and visitors with evil intentions - so as to get rid of them from the village before they could commit anything bad, local residents would make gifts to these guards and pray to them.

Img.379 (#D3a) Four such guards guarding the entrance road to a particular village.

Img.380 (#D3b) A group of similar guards residing in the middle of the village and guarding it from within.

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