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Img.377 from Malbork (#D1)/ (#) - UFOs

Img.377 (#D1): One of Malaysia's "sacred" trees locally known as "Datuk". The title "Datuk" in Malaysia means more or less the same as the old Polish "Your Dignity". So in addition to high state dignitaries, this title is also bestowed there on various objects, for example, trees, stones, meteorites, water sources, etc., which are known to be inhabited by some local spiritual being (e.g. a spirit or demon) with supernatural powers. They are clearly distinguished there from God. These "Datuk" can be recognized by a tiny red shrine in which typically is contained a miniature figurine of this "idol called Datuk" which lives in a given object (this bearded figurine can be seen in the above photo in front of the back wall of the shrine), and into which "gifts" intended for this idol are placed. People sometimes pray to these objects there, just as Catholics pray to statues of Mary or to holy images. The "Datuk" objects also perform "miracles," just like statues of Mary or holy images in Europe.

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