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Img.372 from Malbork (#C1a)

Img.372 (#C1a): The photo is from June 2004. It shows me (Dr. Jan Pajak) and an empty niche in the Malbork castle church, where until World War II there stood a statue of the Teutonic Madonna of Malbork, hostile to the Poles, formerly also famous for miraculous healings. Unfortunately, I myself experienced from this Teutonic Madonna from Malbork both her ability to heal temporarily and to remotely "inflict" an illness - for details of her theatrically healing abilities see item #E2 below, while her ability to remotely inflict an illness on those people whom she does NOT like (e.g. on Poles who are entitled to the Polishness of the lands she looks after) - is described, among others, in items #A2. and #F5 of this web page. At this point, please also notice that these actions of the Teutonic Madonna from Malbork, which are more similar to human sinfulness and emotional preference than to the all-embracing mercy of the Mother of Jesus, are completely consistent with what (between the lines) the Bible tries to warn us about in verses 20:3-5 in the biblical "Book of Exodus" - which verses I quoted in the subsection marked "- 0." from item #C7 of this web page Malbork, and also consistent with the empirical evidence which I presented in part #I of my other web page St.Andrzej Bobola. The Madonna of Malbork was also famous for her hostile to Poles prophecy - which required as much as the Second World War in order that her supernatural hostile to Poland could be stopped (I quoted and described this prophecy in items #A2., #C1. and #C4. of this web page). The niche occupied by this Madonna is visible above my head - the one plastered inside in white.

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