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Img.037 (from Artefacts - #F1c)

(Image sequence #F1abcd): Img.035/ Img.036/ Img.037/Img.038 The principle shown above illustrates my explanation of how such crop circles are formed by Magnocrafts, i.e. the explanation which, with NOT so spectacular technical drawings, I myself originally illustrated in Fig. #C6b from my website named ufo_proof_en.htm and in Fig. #D8 from my website named explain_en.htm, and also shown in "Fig. G13" and extensively discussed in subsection G11.3.2 from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]. (Note that with a formal scientific proof I have also already proved the fact that "UFOs are already built by someone and already flying Magnocraft". - this proof is presented for review in volume 14 of my latest monograph [1/5].) This principle is illustrated here on the example of the appearance of the crop circle, above shown from three different viewing directions, when the circle was lined up in the grain by the spinning "magnetic circuits" of a configuration of these vehicles called a "flying cluster," and formed from two "spherical complexes" of K6-type UFOs, the right one operating in magnetic whirl mode, and the left one in pulsating mode. (The name "magnetic circuits" simply means highly concentrated bundles of magnetic field force lines that connect the S outlet of each magnetic propulsor of such a UFO or Magnocraft configuration, with the N inlet of each other propulsor of that configuration.

In the above illustrations, these magnetic circuits are shown as black rays curving between the thrusters, which, right at the thrusters, are colored red or blue to reflect the N, or S, pole to, or from, which they penetrate. It is such spinning magnetic circuits that sweep the grain as it penetrates underground, precisely pinning each individual grain stalk to the ground, like the hairs of a sweeping brush. In turn, "flying cluster" is the name of one of the six basic classes of magnetic clutches into flying configurations that Magnocrafts or UFOs can form during flight and which I illustrated with examples in "Fig. G6" from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5]. The attribute of these flying clusters is that individual vehicles or even entire configurations of vehicles in them are linked together non-contact precisely via these magnetic circuits). Notice that the actual crop circle formed in England just by the above shown "flying cluster" configuration of UFO vehicles of K6 type, only that operating in a slightly different and more complex manner (described in more detail in chapter G from volume 3 of my newest monograph [1/5]), is shown in Fig. #C6a from that web page named ufo_proof_en.htm. (Another, even more impressive "crop circle", formed from a "flying cluster" coupled with many UFOs of various types, is shown in Fig. #D8d from my website named explain_en.htm.)

In turn, a night photograph of just such a flying cluster of K6-type UFOs, revealing with magnetically ionized air the course of the glowing magnetic circuits of both UFOs, only that documenting a cluster formed from two single UFOs flying upright, and NOT from two "spherical complexes", is shown as Fig. #C4a on the same my web page named ufo_proof_en.htm. In order to reveal the polarity of the individual propulsors of these vehicles, the inlets to their N poles (the "I" inlets of the magnetic field) were illuminated with the yellow-red color, in which typically the N poles glow in UFOs, while the outlets from their S poles (the "O" outlets of the magnetic field) were illuminated with the blue-green color, in which typically the S poles glow in them. In order to somewhat simplify the illustration shown here, for which the flying UFO configuration has a hugely complex run of its magnetic circuits, the number of magnetic circuits shown in the above figure has been reduced in relation to the number produced in an actual flying UFO cluster. This is because in reality UFO vehicles produce magnetic circuits connecting each outlet from each propulsor with the opposite outlet from each other propulsor of that vehicle - which if it were faithfully shown above then would only obscure the clarity of this illustration. The above illustration I show here to realize how disrespectful to the growth of knowledge and advancement of our civilization, and how morally and scientifically incorrect, was the decision of the English magazine "Sunday Mirror" to refuse to pay that reward of £10000 due to me for explaining the origin of crop circles, described in item #F2 of this web page. After all, how much additional research and what additional increase in human knowledge would I be able to finance if I had the sum of 10000 English pounds at my disposal - after all, I financed all the results I describe in my publications exclusively from my modest private savings.

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