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Img.369 from Magnocraft (#I2)

Img.369 (#I2): Here is an illustration showing how in the future expeditions to Antarctica and the Arctic will look like, during which researchers of the new truth-generating and real progress "totaliztic science" will repair there the climate of Earth with the use of the ability of a squadron of telekinetic Magnocrafts of my invention to perform the role of a "universal repairer". Working in this role Magnocrafts will cause telekinetic "sucking" from the environment the excesses of heat, thus stabilizing and regulating the climate of the Earth which in present times was so destructively disrupted by the "greedy" and oriented almost exclusively at "money" and "profits" behaviors of present descendants of my generation - for the upbringing of which descendants, both myself and every parent born in times of the so-called "baby boom" should be responsible. "baby boomers" should now feel personal responsibility, amongst others, for reasons mentioned e.g. in item #B5.1.of my web Free will.

The principle of operation of such telekinetic "sucking" of excess heat from the atmosphere utilizes a phenomenon that is the inverse of friction, which after its discovery I called the "telekinetic effect". This phenomenon is currently applied in already constructed and operating on principles of "perpetual motion" so-called devices for generating "pure free energy" - several existing prototypes of which I described e.g. on the web page Free energy, while the construction of so-called "telekinetic battery", which I personally invented, is described on the web page named Telekinetic cell - e.g. see item #B3. over there. This is because the building of these "generators of pure free energy" I personally try to initiate - although because of persecution and the lack of funds, for almost half a century I am forced to limit myself only to researching and promoting them. After all, since the moment when I formulated my Theory of Everything in 1985 which realized to me that the motionless and inertial matter from our physical world was created by God from inertia-free "particles of counter-matter" - the eternal mobility of which the ancient Greeks already knew and called "chaos", I now know with certainty that generators of pure free energy operating on the principle of "perpetual motion" must be able to be built. (Since 2020, i.e. since the formulation of my 2020 Theory of Life, I call these perpetually mobile "particles of counter-matter" the "God's Tinkers" - see items #K1. and #K2. of my web page God exists.)

After all, by creating our inertial matter and propelling everything in it with this perpetual mobility of God's Tinkers, God surely also created the possibility of using this perpetual mobility for generating pure free energy - only that in order to make it impossible to use it e.g. for military purposes and contrary to God's commandments, He hid it well from discovery by present people forgetting to respect God, love their neighbor and respect nature. Telekinetic Magnocrafts this their ability to "suck" heat from the environment and transform it into technically useful electrical and magnetic energy will be realized by being propelled by the so-called self-filling energy "Oscillatory Chambers" which I describe in my publications. The above illustration was prepared with the use of computer graphics by my highly talented friend, Dominik Myrcik - together with whom we also prepared the above linked half-hour film about "Magnocrafts" and about "Cyclic Tables (e.g. for Earth Drives)" gratis disseminated on YouTube under the title "Drives of the Future", and also prepared our film about saving our civilization by extracting it from the notoriously destructive clutches of "money" - bearing the title "A World Without Money:

This is because, as I explained a bit more thoroughly in part #I of this web page Magnocraft (i.e. in items #I1. to #I3.), when the Magnocraft is finally built, it will be both the most powerful weapon that humanity will ever build, and the universal repairer of everything that humanity as a whole will ever break. So it's a great pity that none of these outlandish institutions to which, after the invention of the Magnocraft, I offered that I would build this starship for them, have NOT accepted my offer, and sometimes even reacted with sarcasm. (One of the earlier articles, which, in spite of the widespread criticism of the Magnocraft, I nevertheless managed to publish, appeared in the magazine "OMNI" (USA) issue of February (February) 1984, Vol. 1. Number 6, page 87.) After all, as I explain it in items #J1. and #J3. below on this page, if the inventor of anything himself has the required conditions and means, then he is always able to realize his invention in tens of times shorter time than other people trying to do it. This in turn means, that in spite of the fact that presently our civilization has already spoiled so much, that in the 2030s it will almost certainly collapse - as I described it on my web page named 2030 while as together with my friend we showed it on the film "Annihilation of the humanity 2030", the building of the Magnocraft probably will NOT take place until the humanity again rises from the present collapse, and probably also until it implements on the Earth the "Nirvana System" - for which the phenomenon of earned nirvana with the help of which this system will completely eliminate from the use of the present "money", and will also eliminate "greed" and "fear", was wisely designed by God Himself.

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