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Img.365 from Magnocraft/ (#A6.1a) Portfolio

Img.365: Computer-generated illustration prepared by a friend of mine, and showing a so-called "non-composite configuration", uncontactedly coupled by magnetic forces from two K5-type discoidal stargazers - e.g., from two K5-type UFOs. (To illustrate its size, a large two-level house, a silhouette of a man and a passenger car are also shown nearby.) In this configuration, the two starplanes do NOT touch each other at all, while their contactless linking into one permanent whole is achieved due to the mutually repulsive alignment of both their main propulsors, and the mutually attracting overdrive of their "n=16" pairs of side propulsors arranged with their outlets facing each other and connected to each other by so-called "black beams" formed from the n=16 columns of powerful light-absorbing magnetic field connecting these outlets.

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