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Img.363 from Magnocraft (#G5b)

Img.363 (#G5b): Prepared by Dominik Myrcik, computer generation of the appearance of the side outline of a cigar coupled from two K8-type Magnocraft and for comparison the size of a 3D model of Westminster Abbey of London set up next to it. (After all, it is emphasized on Deer Cave advertisements that this cave is so huge that it would fit two Westminster Abbey cathedrals stacked on top of each other). Since there is a formal scientific proof that "UFOs are already built Magnocrafts" (for details of this proof see item #A5 of this web page), the above appearance also illustrates what the side outline of a K8 type UFO cigar looks like. If, after appropriate tilt correction, this cigar UFO is tried on to the outline of the inlet part of the "Deer Cave" shown next to it, then it becomes obvious that this cave was actually vaporized in hard rock by just such a cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs. For other illustrations of comparisons of the size of K8-type Magnocrafts (and hence UFOs) with the size of Westminster Abbey, see Img.344 (#A4) above on this page. In turn, how the cigars look like when they are clutched from a different number and from different types of Magnocrafts (and UFOs), the reader can get an idea by looking at quite similar (albeit much longer) cigars shown here in Img.364 (#H2) (and also in Img.033 (G1c) from my monograph [1/5]).

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