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Img.362 from Magnocraft (#G5a)

Img.362 (#G5a): Photo of me (i.e. Dr. Eng. Jan Pajak) taken during my visit to Deer Cave on May 29, 1997. It illustrates the light-enhanced outline of the entrance part to this cave, formed when a UFO vehicle arriving roughly from west to east (i.e. in the W-E direction) cut into the rock wall of this mountain, through which it then flew along a trajectory resembling the letter "S". If one takes into account the upper peeling of rocks cut and thrown by the plasma vortex of this UFO, this outline of the inlet part exactly corresponds to the outline of the side of the cigar coupled from two K8-type UFOs, and shown in part "b" of this illustration. It is worth adding here that immediately after fully cutting into the mass of the mountain, this UFO changed the direction of its flight to S-N (i.e. from south to north), thereby also changing the shape of the UFO tunnel it was firing into an elliptical one. The previous photo from Img.128 (#G4) shows just this elliptical S-N part of the Deer Cave.

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