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Rys. #G3a)

Img.361 from Magnocraft (#G3a)

Img.361 (#G3a): A tunnel leading in the S/N direction. The upper of the simulations of the appearance of these tunnels shown here illustrates almost all elements of the tunnel evaporated during horizontal underground flights of a magnocraft-like vehicle (e.g. a UFO vehicle) in meridional directions (i.e. from S to N or from N to S), i.e. almost all elements of this tunnel indicated by the references from this part (c) of the above Img.360 (#G2), such as the walls of the tunnel flooded by the plasma vortex and then clothed with rapidly solidifying rock vapors, the horizontal apparent floor formed by the solidified rock vapors, rock rubble fallen under the apparent floor, water trickling under the apparent floor and then forming a stream or river gushing from under the ground near the lowest mouth of this tunnel, etc. Notice that in the simulation shown here the side walls of the tunnel do NOT show the characteristic circular helical grooves which often in such tunnels must be left by the magnetic vortex of fast-flying vehicles evaporating them. This in turn means, that the vehicle which evaporated the tunnel looking like this, was either a single ship flying at very low speed, or it was a cigar-shaped configuration coupled from as many as several individual ships (in which configuration the magnetic whirl has the shape of a long cylinder, thus it does NOT leave behind the helical gouges of the side walls).

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