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Img.359 from Magnocraft (#F3)/ (#) - Wszewilki

Img.359 (#F3): Magnetic personal propulsion system with thrusters in 8-segment belt and shoe soles. The general appearance and components of a standard suit of this drive are shown. Users of such a personal propulsion system will be able to fly silently in the air, walk on the surface of water, exhibit resistance to firearms, become invisible, etc. This suit consists of: (1) boots whose soles contain embedded main thrusters; (2) an eight-segment belt containing side thrusters; (3) a one-piece suit made of magnetoreflective material, which also includes a hood (5) or helmet; (4) gloves with membrane-like connectors between the fingers. All of this is complemented by a graphite-based cream that covers the exposed parts of the skin to protect them from strong magnetic fields, and a control computer attached to the back of the neck that reads the wearer's bio-currents and converts them into driving actions. When heavier work needs to be done, additional bracelets containing assistance thrusters can be applied to the joints of the hands (shown as (3) in Img.011 (E4a) of monograph [1/5]). These thrusters cooperate with the thrusters from the belt and shoes to provide the propulsion user with "supernatural" physical strength, e.g., enabling him or her to uproot oak trees, lift huge boulders, knock down buildings, etc.

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