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Img.358 from Magnocraft (#F2b)

Img.358 (#F2b): A four-propeller V4-type Magnocraft illustrated at night next to a two-story modern apartment house. The V4 starship shown here is shaped like an equilateral triangle. In its three corners are placed 3 "side propulsors", while in the center a single "main propulsor" 3 times larger than them - as illustrated and described in item #A6.3. from the abovementioned web page named portfolio_en.htm. Notice that the spherical dome which covers its "main propulsor" protrudes above the roof of this starship, but for many reasons it is NOT allowed to protrude below the level of its floor. All propulsors of this starplane in their spherical housings contain "cross configurations" of Oscillation Chambers of the 2nd or 3rd generation (chambers of the 1st generation will NOT be used for the construction of "V" series starplanes). The type of this starship (and hence its dimensions and coupling algorithms) the on-board computers of other starships will determine from the equation V=L/H, where: L = the length of the side of its body in the shape of an equilateral triangle, while H = the height of the ship, calculated from the flat floor to the tip of the dome with its main thruster. A starship of this shape will be built only in three sizes (3 types), i.e. as: V4, V7 and V10. (A comparison of the size and dimensions of the V7 type of this starship to those of London's Westminster Abbey is illustrated in Img.503 (#A6.3.) of my page Portfolio. The L, H, and d dimensions of each will coincide with the D, H, and d dimensions of the discoidal Magnocrafts of the corresponding types (i.e. for the V4 type: L= 8.78, H = 2.19, while d = 6.20 meters).

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