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Abb.357 from Magnocraft (#E3)

Img.357 (#E3): Here is my technical drawing made with the technique of "ink on tracing paper" and containing a compilation of the most important equations which express the mathematical relationships between the important dimensions and structural parameters describing the Magnocraft's shell. I interpreted the dimensions of this starship appearing in the equations from the above drawing on the outline of a K10-type Magnocraft - a more realistic illustration of which, because it is generated by a computer, is also shown above in "Fig. #A5abc". Hier ist meine technische Zeichnung, die ich mit der Technik "Tinte auf Transparentpapier" angefertigt habe und die eine Zusammenstellung der wichtigsten Gleichungen enthält, die die mathematischen Beziehungen zwischen den wichtigen Dimensionen und Strukturparametern der Magnocraft-Hülle beschreiben. Die Abmessungen dieses Raumschiffs, die sich aus den Gleichungen der obigen Zeichnung ergeben, habe ich auf den Umriss der Magnokraft Typ K10 übertragen - eine realistischere, weil computergenerierte Darstellung ist ebenfalls in Img.348 (#A5abc) zu sehen.

Symbols: "H" is the overall height of the Magnocraft (from base to apex); "D" is the overall diameter of the Magnocraft (this diameter is expressed by equation (G16): D=0.5486*2**K, hence for the K10-type Magnocraft shown here it is D=561. 76 meters); "DM" and "DS" are the outside diameters of the spherical casings which hold the main propulsor and side propulsors; "K" represents the design factor called "KrotnoϾ" which in successive types of Magnocraft takes "integer" values extending from K=3 to K=10 (for the K10-type vehicle this factor takes the value K = 10); "n" represents the number of side propulsors (in the K10-type Magnocraft this number is n = 36).

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