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Img.356 from Magnocraft (#E2)

Img.356 (#E2): Here is the appearance of the smallest K3-type Magnocrafts after landing. Note that K3-type Magnocrafts have four telescopic legs that extend from the shell only during landing. (The number of legs in other types of Magnocraft depends on the number "n" of their side propulsors and is posited in Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. If this number "n" is divisible by 3 - as is the case in Magnocrafts of types K4, K7 and K10, then ships of these types have 3 telescopic legs each. Magnocrafts of the other types have 4 legs each). In addition, if the propulsors of this ship continue to work after landing, then their magnetic field burns an annular arrangement of spots in the grass under the ship, shown in brightened color in the above drawing. The above drawing was made by a graphically talented Silesian, whose contribution and assistance to my research I have already explained in the previous illustrations Img.338 (#A2) and Img.355 (#E1b).

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