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Img.352 from Magnocraft (#B3)

Img.352 (#B3): The principle of forming magnetic buoyancy force above the magnetic equator. The main propulsor of the Magnocraft has its magnetic axis aligned parallel to the local course of the environmental magnetic field, while its magnetic poles face the same magnetic poles of the Earth (e.g. the "N" pole of the Magnocraft faces the "N" pole of the Earth, while the "S" pole faces the "S" pole). In this way, the main propulsor forms the significant magnetic buoyancy forces "RN" and "RS" which carry the vehicle into space. The extremely large "effective length" of its magnetic propulsors is significant even when compared with the diameter of the Earth (see descriptions in subsection G5.3. of monograph [1/5]). Thus, in spite of the small physical dimensions of the Magnocraft, its magnetic dimensions can be illustrated in the proportions shown in the above figure.

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