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Img.348 from Magnocraft (#A5a)

Abb.349 from Magnocraft (#A5b)

Img.350 from Magnocraft (#A5c)

Sequence (#A5abc): Abb.348/ Abb.349/ Abb.350 Here's how the already-built manned Magnocraft of the largest K10 type will look in flight - i.e. probably the largest of the discoidal starships that humanity will serially build. Magnocraft (and also UFO vehicles) of K10 type will have the following overall dimensions: height (from the floor to the top of the upper dome) H=56.18 meters, maximum diameter D=561.76 meters - see that Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. Its flights will be powered and controlled by n=36 side propulsors and one main propulsor. The crew of the K10-type Magnocraft will consist of 10 people. It is worth adding here that from a technical point of view it is possible to build Magnocrafts of even larger types than K10 (or T10). However, it is likely that our civilization will no longer have a need for such gigantic flying vehicles. Even in the Bible the largest flying vehicle-city which God plans to use is of the T12 type - and it will be able to accommodate all 144,000 people who will be taken to heaven (see descriptions of the "New Jerusalem" from the biblical "Apocalypse of St. John" - commented, among others, in item #J3. of my web page Malbork). The computer simulations of appearance and size comparisons shown here were prepared in December 2016 by Dominik Myrcik (in close cooperation and consultation with me).

Img.348 (#A5a) A comparison of the size of the famous ocean liner RMS Titanic (Titanic) with a K10-type Magnocraft (and hence also with a K10-type UFO - see item #A5. on this page Magnocraft). The situation shown above presents the appearance of the K10-type Magnocraft and the trans-atlantic "Titanic". This allows the viewer to visually compare the differences in their mutual dimensions. It is worth noting here that since the K10-type Magnocraft (as well as UFOs) has an outer diameter of D=561.76 meters, while the overall height of H=56.18 meters, while the RMS "Titanic" had a total length of L=269.06 meters, the greatest width b=28. 19 meters and height h=32 meters (so when it was submerged at hw=10.54 meters, its funnels towered above the water level by ha=21.46 meters), the enormity of the "Titanic" looks rather modest compared to the gigantism of this starship. I should also mention here that a UFO vehicle of the K10 type has actually been photographed many times on our planet, while the best photograph of it known to me from Bara de Tijuca, Brazil, taken on May 7, 1952, is shown in Img.125 (P6) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5]. In addition, as a curiosity it is worth adding that when the RMS "Titanic" was sinking after colliding with an iceberg, its passengers, waiting for help in lifeboats, noticed strong lights of some huge sort of ship, which seemed to watch what was happening, but did NOT come to help - for more details type in Google the keywords Titanic UFO. Thus, it cannot be ruled out that the sinking of the RMS "Titanic" was actually observed precisely by a giant UFO vehicle of the K10 type - just as these giant UFO vehicles in 1943 also observed the course of the tank battle of Kursk.

Abb.349 (#A5b) Comparison of the size of the famous ocean liner RMS "Titanic" (Titanic) with the K10-type Magnocraft. The situation shown here in the middle illustration presents them in side view. Thus, it allows NOT only to note how tiny the Titanic is in comparison with this gigantic starship, but also to get to know the side profile of this starship and to note visually its degree of flattening (i.e. "multiplicity") of K=D/H=10. Because each wall of the Magnocraft's (and UFO's) shell has a smoothly adjustable level of light transmission and reflection, allowing that if necessary (e.g. nights, or when flying under thick clouds) it can be, among other things, completely transparent, while at other times (e.g. near the Sun, or in heavily sunlit daytime flights) it can be, among other things, reflecting all light like a mirror, in this middle drawing the upper dome of this craft is shown as completely transparent, showing the spherical main propulsor housing contained underneath. (Note that in the top figure the same spherical upper dome is shown in its nudge to reflect all light - just like a mirror).

Abb.350 (#A5c) A close-up of the famous ocean liner RMS "Titanic" (Titanic) and the K10-type Magnocraft. It allows us to better note the details of the side outline of this giant starship. In turn, to compare both of them with the size of a human being, a standing silhouette of a typical human height is shown on the side flange of this K10 Magnocraft.

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