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Img.346 from Magnokraft (#A4c)

Img.347 from Magnokraft (#A3d)

Img.346/ (#A4c): Comparison of the size of the world-famous "Colosseum" of Rome, with the size of a Magnocraft (and hence a UFO) of the K9 type. The elliptical Colosseum has the following dimensions: larger diameter = 189 meters, smaller diameter = 156 meters, height = 50 meters. However, I must confess here that both Dominik Myrcik and I were initially seriously reluctant to glorify the Colosseum when illustrating the Magnocraft and UFOs - after all, the Romans tortured and murdered Christians there. However, the dimensions of this building beg to be used to show the enormity of Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of the K9 type. Moreover, the Magnocraft is a kind of symbol of justice to what the Colosseum and ancient Rome, and their modern imitators, symbolize themselves. After all, the Magnocraft was invented by the son of a slave of the German builder of deathcions V2 rockets, Wernher von Braun. Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of the K9 type, in turn, have dimensions: overall diameter D=280.88, height H=31.21 meters. They are powered by one main propulsor and n=32 side propulsors. Their permanent crew consists of 9 people. They specialize in securing hotel, social, entertainment, training, supply, transportation, etc., services for intergalactic travel. Thus, at the galactic level, their function is similar to the planetary function of K5-type stargazers. It is reported about UFOs of K9 types that they contain these huge halls filled with test tubes with living human fetuses - described, among others, in the report of Miss Nosbocaj presented in subsection UB1 from volume 16 of my monograph [1/5].

(Notice here that some of the rulers of ancient Rome openly admitted that for people they were "gods". - i.e. they had valid grounds for this admission, because they were in fact those whom we today call "UFOnauts". A description of one of the more widely documented cases of such an admission, when the founder of Rome, Romulus, after his final disappearance and subsequent reappearance already dressed in a space suit, admitted to the senator Julius Proculus that he had already returned to heaven and was now the god Quirinius, is contained in item #D2. of my web page Predators, and in subsection VB4.6.1 from volume 17 of my older monograph [1/4]).

Abb.347 (#A3d): What a K9 type spacecraft would look like if viewed from inside the Colosseum by a spectator of an ancient spectacle is shown here.

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