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Img.341 from Magnocraft (#A3a)

Img.342 from Magnocraft (#A3b)

Img.343 from Magnocraft (#A3c)

Sequence (#A3abc): Abb.341/ Abb.342/ Img.343 Here is a computer-generated comparison of the size and appearance of an example of a dwelling house that exists today, with the size and appearance of a manned K6-type Magnocraft (and hence a K6-type UFO). The house used in this illustration as a "comparison object" actually exists in the tiny town of Petone from New Zealand, is actually inhabited (it is the house in which the author of this web page - Dr. Eng. Jan Pająk lives), and it actually looks like it does on the above computer generation of it. (Photographs, NOT like the above computer generation, of this author's house, the reader can also see, amongst others, on my web page Solar energy Intriguingly, if a UFO hovered near my apartment in the position shown in the above illustration, then the side propulsors of this UFO would be above two motion-sensitive lamps which I have already installed several times in the corner of my garden to see at nights what is going on there. But those lamps repetitively burned out for me - while when I replaced them with newly purchased ones, they worked only for a few next days and burned out again - so that I was forced to "give up" and stop replacing them! What is even more interesting, in the corner of my apartment closest to these lamps I have a smoke detector installed, which also every now and then raises the alarm in completely unexpected moments, when in the apartment nothing burns nor cooks).

This bungalow of mine, has the following dimensions: length (in the S-N direction) of 7.50 meters, width (in the E-W direction) of 6.70 meters, height of 3.30 meters (from the ground to the white tinned flat tin roof), while this white flat tin roof with a gutter protrudes sideways from the building wall for a further 50 cm). Officially, this bungalow has 49 square meters of living space. It contains the following rooms: a living room (in the corner of which a kind of kitchen is separated - this room with a kitchen can be clearly seen on my "Skype" interviews linked by addresses provided in item #A4 of the web page Portfolio), a corridor, a bedroom, and a bathroom. In turn, the Magnocraft (and thus also a UFO) of the K6 type has dimensions: maximum diameter D=35.11 meters, while height (from the floor to the top of the upper dome) H=5.85 meters - see Table G1 from volume 3 of my monograph [1/5]. The crew of the K6-type Magnocraft (and UFO) consists of 6 people. This vehicle is propelled by 1 main propulsor and n=20 side propulsors. It is the largest of the group of four discoidal crewed stargazers, which still have the rim of its side flange finished on the sides with a kind of "wedge" (all larger than it types of Magnocrafts (and UFOs), i.e. types K7 to K10, already have this rim finished with a kind of "rim", i.e. a vertical cylindrical surface. All objects shown in the above computer-generated illustrations are illustrated with their actual dimensional scale. This, in turn, gives an idea of how huge, compared to human houses, even this still rather small Magnocraft (or UFO) of the K6 type is already. Notice that links to videos which just on the background of buildings and trees documented UFOs of the above K6 type are provided below on this page in item #F2.

Abb.342 (#A3b) A close-up, showing a comparison of the size of a K6-type Magnocraft (and UFO) hovering just off the ground with its floor horizontally aligned, with the author's house, with a human figure, as well as with typical household objects - such as the building elements of today's dwelling house (doors, windows), or typical garden equipment (table, chairs, bench).

Abb.343 (#A3c) A comparison of the top-down appearance and size of the house of the author of this page (more specifically, its tinned white roof), human silhouette, and garden equipment, with the top-down appearance and size of a K6-type Magnocraft (and UFO). This comparison illustrates how significant the difference in their dimensions and insights is.

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