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Img.034 from Day 26 - (#E1)/ - (#3) - Telepathy

Img.034: A highly documented drawing made personally by Daniela Gordano in 2000 - i.e. by the recipient of the "gift to humanity" in the form of the "telepathic pyramid" described here. (Daniela Giordano is also co-author of treatise [7/2] and treatise [7] which describe the "telepathic pyramid.") The above drawing shows a "simulation" of a totaliztic "being from stars", which with the use of so-called "telepathic projector" demonstrates to Daniela Giordano the "telepathic pyramid" discussed here. - descriptions of the construction and operation of which this being gave to humanity as a "gift". However, as it is confirmed by the research reported on this web page, this recent giving of the "telepathic pyramid" to humanity was NOT the first such gift. This is because it turns out that the internal structure of the stone so-called "Pyramid of Cheops" from Egypt functionally represents a version of the "telepathic pyramid" described here. This in turn means that in fact this stone pyramid from Egypt in the ancient past performed exactly the same communication functions as the "telepathic pyramid" described here. So in fact, the "Pyramid of Cheops" from Egypt, in ancient times, was already a built and functioning "prototype with interstellar reach" for the "telepathic pyramid" described here above held in hands by this helping humanity "being from the stars".

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