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Copyright Dr. Ing. Jan Pająk

Img.338 from Magnocraft (#A2a)

Img.339 from Magnocraft (#A2b)

Img.340 from Magnocraft (#A2c)

Sequence (#A2abc): Img.338/ Abb.339/ Abb.340 Computer-generated illustrations showing how Magnocrafts of types K3 to K5 will actually look like - of course, already after they are built around 2036. In addition, these illustrations show how the sizes of these starships of types K3 to K5 will compare to the sizes of commonly known objects, such as the Soviet tank that actually won World War II and which is known throughout the world as the T-34. (At the time, the T-34 tank was of a size typical of heavy tanks of the time - but today even some passenger cars already have a size and engine capacity comparable to it).

Since the K3 type is the smallest Magnocraft piloted by a human crew, I show it here first in the following compilation of computer-generated illustrations of appearances and size comparisons of the most important Magnocraft types, prepared by my graphically gifted friend Dominik Myrcik. Notice here that in 1981 I developed and published a formal scientific proof, demonstrating that UFOs are already built Magnocrafts (see descriptions of this proof given in items #A5. and #K1. and in the introduction of this web page Magnocraft). This proof also causes the illustrations shown here to reveal to us what UFO vehicles of the same types look like as the Magnocrafts shown in this listing of their appearances and size comparisons. Notice also that the Magnocraft (and UFOs) of the K3 type are the only types of these starships which do NOT yet have the so-called "complementary collar" (the lack of this collar in Magnocrafts and UFOs of the K3 type results from my geometrical finding which I described and the truth of which I proved at the end of item #C9.1. from my web page UFO proof, and which finding proves that the volume of any solid defined by the cubic power of its three equal dimensions, e.g. the volume of a sphere defined by the cubic power "D*D*D" of its diameter "D", is equal to the volume of 8 identical to it solids with dimensions equal to half of these raised to the cube of their three equal dimensions "(D/2)*(D/2)*(D/2)"). The K3-type Magnocraft (and UFO) will have (and has) the following overall dimensions: diameter D = 4.39 meters, height H = 1.46 meters - for details see Table G1 from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5]. Its crew will consist of 3 people. (Exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and the same number of crew members also have manned UFO vehicles of K3 type - one of the clearest photographs of a single UFO vehicle of K3 type captured in daylight is shown in Img.120/ Img.121 (#C1ab) of my website UFO proof).

Both the above drawings, as well as some of the following ones, are also designed to reflect not only the appearance and dimensions of individual Magnocrafts (and UFOs), but also some of their most important features. For example, they allow one to note the tendency of Magnocrafts (and also UFOs) to tilt during flight, resulting from the need to position their floor as perpendicular as possible to the local course of the Earth's magnetic field force lines, or the field surrounding the starship. In addition, the above drawings, as well as illustrations of each type of Magnocraft shown below, allow us to note their degree of flattening "K", which is equal to the ratio of the largest diameter "D" of a given craft to its height "H" (i.e. the height from the floor of the craft to the top of its upper dome), and which "K" defines the type of a given Magnocraft (and UFO), and hence which also defines NOT only its appearance, but also all its dimensions and characteristics. For example, for Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of type K3, this degree of flattening (i.e. their "multiplicity") is K=D/H=4.39/1.46=3 (this is where their name "type K3" comes from).

Abb.338 (#A2a) A comparison of the size and appearance of the K3-type Magnocraft (and UFO) with the appearance and size of the Soviet T-34 tank. Regardless of their alignment shown above, this comparison is also illustrated in a slightly different alignment of the two vehicles (click on this green link to see it). Notice that photos, dimensions, combat parameters and my objective evaluations of the tanks involved in the Second World War, including the T-34 tank, which at that time was the best tank in the world and which actually won the Second World War, I quoted in items #E1. to #E1.4. from my web page Battle of Milicz. As the reader can see from the above size comparison, Magnocrafts (and UFOs) of the K3 type actually are almost as big as that T-34 tank (i.e. they are the size of today's large passenger cars, e.g. off-road cars - with four-wheel drive). However, when it comes to comparing firepower, no tank of today stands a chance against a Magnocraft (or UFO) of the K3 type, or any other type.

This is because every Magnocraft (or UFO) is able to vaporize a present tank, or even the fastest and most powerful present missile launched towards it (and even in flight) within just a fraction of a second - just like it vaporizes glassy tunnels in hard rocks, shown below in "Fig. #G4", while described and illustrated more comprehensively in item #C9.1. of the web page UFO proof. Even more important is also what the calculations presented in item #E5 of my web page named military_magnocraft_en.htm show. Namely, single Magnocrafts (or UFOs), even just the size of K3, are able to completely "plow up" and evaporate the entire surface of a present-day country the size of, for example, England in NO more than 12 hours. No wonder, then, that God clearly waits with granting permission to build Magnocrafts of my invention until the time when the nation that is to build these starships reaches the required level of morality and faith in God. After all, the country which will be the first in the world to build my Magnocrafts, will obtain a non-precendent domination over the rest of the world, and this no matter how small it would be, becoming the last superpower which will absorb the rest of countries and whose citizens will have the exclusive right to rule over the entire rest of the Earth (just as the inhabitants of the small ancient city "Rome" once absorbed, and then subordinated to their rule and their principles of life, almost the entire known world at that time) - as I explain and justify more comprehensively "why" in item #H1.1. of my web Prophecies and in item #K1. from another of my web pages Tapanui.

(According to my analyses and predictions justified in there, this last superpower which will build my Magnocraft, while with the help of which citizens will take absolute rule over the entire Earth, will be Korea. Too bad that I will NOT be in the world by then. After all, I would have quite a lot of fun watching how skilled in establishing order, discipline, diligence, righteousness and morality the Cretans, especially those from the north, will instantly deal with today's already chronic malcontents, egoists, slackers, addicts, varmints, critics, demagogues, cheats, etc..., which now dominate the rest of the world, including those who nowadays disgust and block in their own countries the research and development work on building Magnocrafts).

I should add here that the diameters of all types of discoidal Magnocrafts (and hence UFOs) are designed in the form of a "binary sequence" for many important reasons. - i.e. the diameter of each of their next types is equal to two diameters of their previous type. This is best illustrated by comparing the size of the K3 type to that of the K4 type and to that of the T-34 tank - as the reader can visually note in the next illustration "Fig. #A2a(K3 and K4 from the side)" by clicking on this (green) link to see it. As can be seen from this illustration, the K4 type Magnocraft (and UFOs) is actually twice the size of the K3 type Magnocraft (and UFOs). At the same time, the K4 type is the smallest type of Magnocraft (and UFO) that already has this "complementary collar". The reader can also see for himself a top-down shot comparing the size of both Magnocrafts (and UFOs) types K3 and K4 with this Soviet tank.

Abb.339 (#A2b) A comparison of the size of a Soviet T-34 tank to the size of two K4-type manned Magnocrafts (and hence UFOs) magnetically coupled together into a so-called spherical flying complex and hovering just above the ground with their floors almost vertically aligned. It was the spherical complexes of manned UFOs positioned in such a way that evaporated in hard rocks those uniquely shaped "UFO tunnels" shown in illustrations Img.017 (#C9c)/ Img.018 (#C9d)/ Img.626 (#C9e) from another of my web pages named UFO proof. Crewed Magnocrafts of K4 type will have the following overall dimensions: diameter D = 8.78 meters, height H = 2.19 meters - for details see Table G1 from volume 3 of my latest monograph [1/5].

Their crew will consist of 4 people. (Exactly the same dimensions, appearance, and the same number of crew members also have manned UFO vehicles of K4 type - several photographs of UFO vehicles of K4 type, captured both in daylight and at night, are shown in Img.123 (P4) and Img.139 (P20) from volume 14 of my monograph [1/5]).

Abb.340 (#A2c) Comparison of the size of the K5-type Magnocraft (and hence UFOs) with the size of the world-famous "Leaning Tower" of Pisa, Italy, and the height of a 1.80-meter man. The tower from Pisa has the following dimensions: height = 54.9 meters, outer diameter at the base = 15.49 meters. (About this tower the reader may be interested to know that its inclination, now slightly corrected, was the result of a rapturous jump of the Earth's crust after the oblique impact of this crust in 1178 by the force of the explosion of a stack of 7 UFO vehicles near the present town of Tapanui in New Zealand. In turn the Magnocraft (and UFO) type K5 has dimensions: overall diameter D=17.56, height H=3.51 meters. It is propelled by n+1=16+1 thrusters and has 5 permanent crew members. It specializes in securing living quarters and social and health facilities for planetary dimension travelers (i.e., providing a place to live, rest, meet, socialize, entertain, confer, medical checkups, hospitalization, recuperation, etc.).

The reader has probably already noted the excellent graphic quality of both the above and subsequent computer-generated illustrations of Magnocrafts (and UFOs). This quality significantly exceeds my graphic abilities. What is more interesting, our Silesian, who prepared these illustrations and who is now already cooperating with me on a permanent basis, is so humble that he initially did NOT want me to give him moral, appreciative and authorial "credit" in the captions to his first drawings for his unique contribution of work - which contribution drastically differs from the "spitting" that I typically experience from many other people, who somehow do NOT want to notice that everything to which I selflessly devote my life has the purpose of serving, among other things, their good, among other things, their welfare, as well as the welfare of their descendants.

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