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Img.334 from (Landslips (#G2a)

Img.335 from (Landslips (#G2b)

Sequence (#G2ab): Img.334/ Abb.335 A photograph which provides irrefutable proof that in New Zealand I photographed a miniature "UFO probe" which continually followed my footsteps, and not (as some people tell me) photographed just a "blot on film", or photographed an "internal reflection in a camera". In fact, all the photos on this page were taken with a digital camera that does NOT use film and does NOT contain prisms or mirrors that could form internal reflections.

Proof that this is indeed a "UFO probe" and not an internal reflection, is the position of this probe fixed on the above photograph as it hides between two branches of a tree. In front of it is one small branch of a tree called a "monkey puzzle" - which branch can be seen as it overlaps the surface image of this UFO probe. At the back behind the probe is another thick branch of the same tree clearly visible beyond this probe. The point is that in order for this end of the tree branch to be photographed in front of this probe, so that on the enlargement of this photograph this branch is visible against the background of the probe's image, this probe had to hide from me outside the branches of this tree. This, in turn, means that it was certainly not a reflection of light inside the camera, because such a reflection of light would be superimposed on the image of the tree, and the branch that overlaps the surface of the tree could not be found. By the way, from the dimensions of a typical twig of this tree we can infer that this probe was about 10 cm in diameter.

Img.335 (#G2a) The entire photo which in its central part captured a miniature UFO probe which constantly followed my every step during the research trip around New Zealand discussed on this page, and which was even captured photographically on as many as three occasions. This photo was originally intended to capture an interesting kind of tree, which in New Zealand is called a "monkey puzzle". (I wonder if the controllers of this probe knew the pronunciation of this tree's name when they hid their probe between its branches. After all, this name can be translated into Polish as "puzzle for monkeys". As such a riddle also UFOnauts present their miniature probes to people, flying near the Earth in the mode of telekinetic flickering). Only after this photograph was taken, it turned out that captured on it was also this miniature UFO probe.

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