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Img.033 (from Artefacts - #D3)

Img.033: Here is a photograph of the so-called "confession" from the cathedral in Polish Gniezno, taken in 2004. This is the only photograph of such a "confession" that is currently in my possession. Therefore I show it here - although neither the quality of the above photograph, nor the technical fidelity of the device captured on it, are at all the best. The author of this web page suspects that just such "confessions" (still existing in several ancient churches of Poland) in reality are more or less faithful copies of much older "artifacts" which in ancient times were used in the character of the "telepathic telephone" described here. This is because many of these "confessions" still today contain all the basic components required for the operation of such a "telepathic telephone". Unfortunately, in the above photographed "confession" from the Polish Gniezno, the "voice mirror" (canopy) is missing. However, as I have personally noted, such "voice mirrors" exist both in the "confession" from St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, as well as in the "confession" the personal viewing of which was mysteriously granted to me in 1995 in a church in Warsaw (and which, probably for this very purpose, was then miraculously moved for a short while to Warsaw all the way, e.g., from Swieta Lipka) - so the "confession" in the above-photographed Gniezno, Poland, is not a "voice mirror. from Œwiêta Lipka) - as it is described on my web pages already indicated and linked above, i.e. item #D6.1 from the web page named timevehicle.htm and items #E3 to #E4 from the web page named malbork.htm.

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