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Img.324 from Korea (#11a)

Img.325 from Korea (#11b)

Img.326 from Korea (#11c)

(Sequence #11abc): Img.324/ Img.325/ Img.326

Img.324 (#11a) Only a few people were punished by having their finger broken for the fact that they had the courage to photograph something. I belong to those few. When on May 26, 2007 I photographed the mysterious "Jin Cave" shown in the above photograph "Fig. #11", some creatures invisible to human eyes got into such a rage that during taking one of the photographs they almost openly cut my legs when I was just pressing the shutter button, and so directed my fall that I broke my finger. During this strange event, I felt the blows and pushes on my body as if by someone's invisible hands, while in my mind I heard as if telepathically transmitted to me someone's mocking retch. (I know this retching perfectly well - as I heard it already once when UFOnauts, probably for fun, showered me and my suit with a cold shower - which I described in detail in subsection W6 from volume 18 of my older monograph [1/4], see there item "Ad. F".

Descriptions of this unusual breaking of my finger I am quoting in item #G2. and in Img.334 (#G2e) of the latest update of the web page Malbork. The above Img.324 (#11a) shows just one amongst photographs which at that time I managed to take just before my finger was broken. It captures the entrance to a cave, which according to my findings is a former entrance to one of the systems of underground tunnels that UFOnauts made under the surface of our planet in order to hide their UFO vehicles in them from human sight. Descriptions of other similar UFO tunnels, and their identifying features, are given in item #G4 from the web page Magnocraft. Among local people the above cave is called Jin Cave - which in Polish translates as "cave of the jinns". (Jains is another name which in Eastern cultures used to be given to UFOnauts. Jinn had the same powers as "devils" - only that they were once considered not as malevolent as devils. In our culture, we know jinns mainly from the fairy tale of "Aladdin's Lamp," in which one of these powerful creatures is said to have lived). The "Jin Cave" shown above is also discussed on a page about the mysteries of Malbork Castle.

Img.325 (#11b) A photograph of the side walls of the "Jin Cave" shown in close-up. It reveals that this cave-tunnel was formed by precise chipping (breaking) of the native rock with the help of telekinetic pressure.

Img.326 (#11c) A fragment of the "barrier wall" closing off access to further parts of "Jin Cave". In contrast to the breakout formation of the side walls clearly visible in the photographs from the left part of Img.325 (#11b), this "barrier wall" was formed by melting the native rock with the hot plasma of a UFO vehicle operating in the magnetic whirl mode. It was quite dark in the final part of this cave when I photographed this "barrier wall". This wall can be seen just outside the altar with Buddhist paraphernalia, through which I did not want to climb in order to photograph this wall better, as it could be considered sacrilegious. Nevertheless, it is quite clear that it was formed by melting the native rock with spinning plasma. One can even clearly distinguish the area in the center of this wall, in which hovered the UFO vehicle of discoidal shape that melted it, before, after the withdrawal of this vehicle from the large drop of rock melted by it, this liquid wall completely closed reflecting, however, the outlines of the vehicle that melted it.

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