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Img.315 from Korea (#7a)

Img.316 from Korea (#7b)

Img.317 from Korea (#7c)

Sequence (#7abc):Img.315/ Abb.316/ Abb.317 Photographs that document the fun aspects of Korea.

Img.315 (#7a) We call them "half-wits." Our country is overrun with them. But in Korea, they are apparently such a rarity that monuments are apparently erected to them there (or perhaps sculptors there are not in the habit of buying up cement if they run out of it before finishing a particular sculpture)

Img.316 (#7b) Here is an advertisement stating that it is a shoe store. The example above shows an advertisement for elegant exit shoes. However, if the store in question sells athletic shoes, then their "advertisement" looks like the following (click on this "green" caption to see a photo of a Korean athletic shoe store advertisement). Of course, other stores also advertise in a similar way. For example, here is an advertisement for a workshop that frames various official (i.e. "stamped") documents (also click on this "green" caption to see a photo of an advertisement for this workshop).

Img.317 (#7c) Here is the elevator engine room in a building designed like a human head.

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