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Img.031 (from Artefacts - #D2a)

(Image sequence #D2ab): Img.031/ Img.032 Dr. Jan Pajak (i.e. the author of this page and "inventor" of the "telepathic telephone" described here) photographed at an "air phone" - means at a kind of "telephone" in which speech is sent through the air in the form of a beam of voice vibrations. The photograph was taken on March 13, 2006 in front of the entrance to a museum located in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand - where at that time this phone was installed for the amusement of children and for experimentation on it by visitors to this museum. The principle of operation of this "air phone" is based on two concave "voice mirrors" which reflect in the required direction and concentrate on each other the voice vibrations formed by people "talking" with the use of this phone. What is extremely interesting about this phone is that it NOT only transmits the voice, but additionally amplifies its energy. Thus, for example, "whispering" by the sender, is received in it almost as a "shout" by the receiver. Just such "voice mirrors" as those shown on the above photographs will also be needed in the "telepathic phone" discussed here in order to reflect and concentrate on the "telepathic microphone/speaker", and on the ear of the listener, the voice vibrations of the conversation transmitted by this telepathic phone. Only that the function of these "voice mirrors" can be performed either by appropriately designed concave walls behind the backs of the conversing people, or by appropriately designed curvatures of vaults (ceilings) in buildings in which such "telepathic telephones" are installed (e.g. vaults formed into the shape of slightly deformed spherical domes existing in many old churches). (Click on any of the above photos to see them enlarged, or to move them to another area of the screen).

Img.031 (#D2a): The general appearance of both concave bowls of "voice mirrors" which reflect and redirect speech in the "air telephone" shown here. It is such at least two mirrors that will have to be present in the operation of an analog "telepathic telephone" with the principle of operation described in item #D2 of this web page.

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