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Img.003 (from Aliens - #C4)

Typical appearance of a mask put on faces by UFOnauts. Here is how it is commonly believed on Earth that UFOnauts look like. Meanwhile, the above photograph shows only the mask that UFOnauts put on their faces to hide their true appearance from people. The appearance of this mask (but deprived of information that it is just a mask put on their faces by UFOnauts similarly like people put socks on their feet) was widely disseminated on Earth by the title cover of the book "Communion". So why do UFOnauts so desperately try to hide their true appearance from people, that at every "official" contact with us they are forced to hide their faces behind misleading masks? Well, this is revealed in the photo Img.002 (#C3). It turns out that they are indistinguishably similar to humans. So they don't want people to realize that they normally blend in with the crowd and pretend on Earth that they are one of us. They also don't want people to someday realize that the being with "special powers", which soon UFOnauts plan to send to Earth and which will look like Jesus from religious pictures, is also a UFOnaut. (In fact, this being will later turn out to be this "Antichrist" foretold to us for a long time by the Bible).

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