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Img.293 from Healing (#F5a)

Img.294 (aus Healing (#F5b)

Sequence (#F5ab): Img.293/ Img.294 Acalypha wikesiana v. Marginata of the Euphorbiaceae family or Clerodendrum Philippinum? But certainly a "fertility herb" effectively treating female infertility. Its official name has NOT yet been identified - so it looks like the author of this page accidentally stumbled upon a herb still unknown to "atheistic orthodox science" (i.e. that careless, lazy and monopolistic science which is described and defined in items #C1. bis #C4. der Webseite Telekinetik#C1. to #C4. of the web page Telekinetics), and thus the author opened for human use the first herb discovered by the new "totaliztic science". So far, the results of the use of this herb seem to suggest that about 87% of infertile women taking this herb (i.e. 7 out of every 8 users), naturally became pregnant within NO more than one year after taking it. (In the remaining 8 of these women, the cause of infertility probably lay with her partner.) The preparation of this herb (the one shown in part "b") is provided free of charge to couples or individuals personally known to this healer. In order to slightly alleviate its unpleasant taste, once a month this preparation is boiled with chicken according to an old Chinese folk recipe, after which the woman drinks the resulting glass of broth containing a decoction of this herb.

Img.293 (#F5a) The appearance of the "fertility herb" (i.e. "fertility herb") growing in Malaysia. This herb can be recognized by the unique appearance of its leaves, which are as large as a human hand, and by its very characteristic flowers. Unfortunately, the author of this page was NOT present in Malaysia when it blooms, thus he cannot show here how its flowers look like. However, from their description he knows that the flowers of this herb are small, white, similar to the flowers of a small white rose, that many of them bloom at once forming a floral ball (similar to the ball formed by white "hydrangea" flowers), and that some time after blooming these flowers turn pink. The herb shown here in the photograph has grown to a height of about one meter. However, its largest specimens can reach heights of up to 2 meters. The qualities that cure female infertility have its leaves, which, however, have to be laboriously transformed into a special "medicinal preparation" somewhat similar in appearance to the tobacco leaves used to roll cigars before taking them. Namely, these leaves need to be boiled as many as eight times consecutively in steam, then dried in the sun, then boiled and dried again, and so on. (so as many as eight times). With each such successive boiling, as much as four volumes of water (e.g. four glasses) are boiled together with the leaves, and then, according to Chinese herbal tradition, this water and the leaves are boiled for as long as this water boils down to one volume (e.g. one glass). After treating these leaves in this way, the ready-to-use dry medicinal preparation looks like the photo in part (b) shows. Only this dry preparation is given out by this healer for free to couples he knows, or to people who decide to treat female infertility detected in them.

What is striking about this highly labor-intensive procedure for preparing the medicinal preparation of "fertility herbs", is its similarity to the procedure for preparing so-called "homeopathic medicines". So it appears that both these procedures of preparing medicines are intentionally designed to increase in the final product the amount of a detailed kind of energy, which in items #D1. bis #E1. of totaliztic website Parasitism is described under the name moral energy or "zwow" energy - just which energy (and NOT the medicine which contains it) selectively heals a given kind of illness or ailment.

Img.294 (#F5b) A ready-to-use, dried preparation of the "fertility herb" that grows in Malaysia. The amount of this preparation shown here is adequate for a single consumption by one treated woman. By the herbalist discussed here, this preparation is distributed for free to couples he personally knows, or to people who want to cure female infertility detected in their relationship. What is shocking about it is the high efficiency with which it cures female infertility - based on past uses estimated at about 87% of cases. One time in each fertile cycle of a given woman, about 7 to 10 leaves of this preparation should be boiled together with chicken (chicken is added only to change its unpleasant taste) after which the woman drinks all the resulting broth. In about six months after starting such a treatment (but NOT more than after a year), typically this woman becomes pregnant naturally. This preparation also proves helpful in cases of "vitro-fertilization" - which it can make effective after only one attempt.

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