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Img.029 (from Artefacts - #C3)

Img.029: Octagonal columns supporting the ceiling in Frombork Cathedral from Poland (that is, the cathedral where the famous astronomer, Nicolaus Copernicus, worked). Photo taken by the author of this website in July 2004. Similar octagonal columns are also present in many other old churches built before the 15th century. Their curiosity is that their design and appearance closely mimics the octagonal columns of the powerful telekinetic field that emerge from the outlets of octagonal UFO oscillation chambers. The shocking aspect of all the columns in old Christian churches is that these columns use only four distinct shapes, all of which mimic the shape of the columns of the telekinetic field that emerges from UFO thrusters. Thus, these columns can have either (1) a square cross-section, or (2) an octagonal cross-section, or (3) a hexagonal cross-section, or (4) a rounded cross-section (i.e., such a rounded cross-section is an approximation of a hexagonal cross-section). So far, I have never encountered in any church in the world columns that are, for example, triangular or hexagonal in cross-section, in spite of the fact that such columns would have been the easiest to build by the ancient masters. (From the point of view of the builder of a given column, a column with an octagonal cross-section is incomparably more difficult to measure and to build than, say, a six-sided column. After all, in order to measure a perfect hexagon, it is enough to put six rays on the circumference of a circle. In contrast, to measure a perfect octagon, you need to use an extremely precise and complicated measurement procedure and advanced geometric knowledge. So there must have been a very good reason why the old masters constructed octagonal columns in churches, instead of using six sides in them. Based on my research to date, this very important reason was the imitation in churches of the interior of UFO vehicles, in which ancient UFO abductees could actually see octagonal columns of the telekinetic field obtained from the oscillation chambers of these spacecraft).

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