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Img.286 from Healing (#C3a)

Img.287 from Healing (#C3b)

Img.288 (aus Healing (#C3c)

Sequence (#C3abc):Img.286/ Abb.287/ Abb.288 Here are three photographs, the top one of which shows the "moringa" tree, with the green pod of its fruiting body visible on it, as well as the flowers and leaves. The middle photograph shows supposedly especially healing fruits of the "moringa" tree - the action of which, however, I have NOT been able to confirm on my own ailments. In turn, the bottom photograph shows a Chinese "herbal recipe" for so-called "tiger's milk" - about which I personally learned that it is directly "electrifyingly effective" in healing chronic coughs - such as mine described below in item #G2.3. of the website Healing.

The "moringa" tree is quite popular in the gardens of tropical Malaysia, India and even Australia - especially by the houses inhabited by Indians, who overeat their fruits and leaves in all sorts of ways.

Img.286 The appearance of the tree, flowers and green fruit pod of an adult "moringa" tree. The tree captured here has already grown to a height of about 6 meters. It is from the shriveled pods of these trees that the fruit shown in Img.287 (#C3b).

Img.287 A close-up showing a plate with an already dry pod in its upper part, below with a row of 5 fruits already removed from the pod, and even lower a row of 3 edible contents of these fruits of the "morunga" tree already peeled from the shells protecting them. Also shown below the ovules for comparison of their size is a Malaysian 10-cent coin with a diameter of 18 mm. The most healing fruits are said to be those taken out of the already dry pod of this tree - i.e. the pod a fragment of which is shown in the upper part of the plate. This pod, when dry, is typically about 50 cm to a meter long and in cross-section is square with sides of about 20 mm. When removed from the pod, each of the kernels of this fruit as if cobbled together from triangular shells looks like these 5 lined up in a row on a plate under the pod. In their dry and inedible shells, these fruits hide a kind of jelly-like, or wattle-like, crumb that looks like the soft white of a boiled egg - examples of three of such crumbs already stripped of their shells are shown in the lowest row. It is these crumbs that are eaten for medicinal purposes. However, they are terribly bitter - their taste can be compared to that of the Polish herb "wormwood".

Img.288 Here is an original Chinese herbal "prescription" describing how to make an herbal mixture called "Tiger Milk" (which is immensely effective in treating a chronic cough of the type that afflicted me in 2017). Unfortunately, to be able to read this prescription you need to know: (1) Chinese characters - after all, it's written in Chinese script, (2) Chinese herbs - after all, it describes the use of herbs that Chinese herbalists use, (3) the rules for writing herbal "prescriptions" in traditional Chinese herbal treatment, and (4) be able to read the traditional handwritten "scribble" that Chinese herbalists used to use on their handwritten prescriptions and for which all doctors were famous in the world (as far as I can see, Chinese herbalists are the last in the world to madal traditionally use it). Of course, for those familiar with all of the above, this "prescription" contains the actual recipe for an effectively healing herbal mixture - so just print it out for yourself and take it to a Chinese herbal pharmacy for them to prepare it for us there. By the way, if the reader of these words were able to transcribe this recipe into a more legible printed or computerized form, or were able to translate it into Polish or English, I would be grateful to him for sharing his results with us - which I would also be happy to publish here.

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