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Img.282 from Healing (#C1a)

Img.283 from Healing (#C1b)

Sequence (#C1ab):Img.282/ Abb.283 Here is the tropical herb that in 2014 cured me, i.e. Dr. Jan Pajak, from a stubborn cough. In countries of Southeast Asia this herb is called "Indian Holy Basil". The above green variety of this herb is a popular food seasoning in Asian countries. Thus, it grows in a sizable proportion of the gardens of these countries. This in turn means, that the reader who wishes to heal his cough over there, should NOT have problems with finding it and with its anti-cough use - according to the old-Indian recipe the description of which I am providing in item #C7. of the website Healing. After all, it is enough for him to ask for this spice among his acquaintances of Indians or Chinese with gardens, and one of them will surely have it in his garden.

I personally found out that already the above green variety of this spice has very strong healing abilities - probably because it is overflowing with "cooling" "yin" energy, as I explain in the next item Healing. For example, it cures coughs much faster and more effectively than "nangka" fruit and "coconut water". This is because my stubborn cough of 2014 was cured after taking just one serving of this spice. However, Indians claim that there is an even more potent, black variety of the same herb, characterized by having almost black leaves. It is supposed to cure even faster and even more effectively the same diseases that the above green variety cures. Only that because of its immense potency, it is NOT suitable as a food seasoning, and hence is only used for medicinal purposes - which also means quite a bit of difficulty in obtaining it.

Img.282 The appearance of the entire bush of the spice "Indian Holy Basil" about 1 meter high, photographed at an angle of about 45 degrees in oblique view from above. Notice that the background for the photo of this bush is an equally green lawn located behind the bush. Hence, when viewing this photo, one must try to distinguish this lawn from the bush.

Close-up showing the appearance of the leaves and flowers of the spice "Indian Holy Basil".

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