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Img.278 from God exists (#K1a)

Sequence #K1ab: Img.278 Here is a famous book entitled "The Manna Machine." (Due to its high popularity, the same book has had many other editions - photos of a sizable proportion of which the reader can view for himself at Google.) The cover of the book shown above shows the appearance of the male (positive, kindling, yang) version of the mysterious "Object," worked out from descriptions in the three parts of the book Sefer ha-Zohar, i.e. the parts entitled The Great Holy Collection, The Small Holy Collection, and The Book of Secrets. (It's worth noting that the book of the Zohar also describes, slightly different from the male, the appearance of the female (negative, cooling, yin) version of the same Object - e.g. see Img.280 (#K2a).

Bible translations describe the same "Object" under a meaningful name meaning "Existing from Infinitely Ancient" - for example, the Catholic Millennium Bible describes it under the name "The Eternal", while English-language Bibles describe it under the name "The Ancient of Days", for example. Also translations of the book of Zohar use names with similar meanings - for example, in Polish-language translations of the book of Zohar he is usually called the Eternal Old Man. If one takes a closer look at this "Object", then one can see that despite giving it the atheistic appearance of a "technical device" in this drawing, it actually contains both all the most important organs of man (e.g. the two silvery male "testicles" visible above, and the erect "penis" contained between them), and it looks almost like a human figure - which makes more meaningful the words of verse 1:27 from "Genesis" in the "Millennium Bible", stating: "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them."

Because the description of this "Object" in the book Zohar uses ancient language, depending on the worldview of the person who interprets it, it can be understood either as a description of a machine - as atheistically interpreted by the authors of the above book, or as a description of the natural and living component of the content of the universe (i.e. the individual "speck of counter-matter", in the twelfth memory of which the self-aware program of God is contained) - as explained in the above item #K1. and the following Img.279 (#K1b) is interpreted by the author of this page. After all, e.g. if we had presently ancient descriptions of (a) the design and operation of our "solar system" and (b) the technical device called the "Antikythera Mechanism" while illustrated e.g. on YouTube with videos with addresses https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=antikythera+mechanism, then I am ready to bet with anyone that present people typically would NOT be able to distinguish which one of these two descriptions refers to (a) and which one to (b).

However, if one considers that the fact that the "Object" illustrated on the cover of the above book, while in my opinion interpreted more correctly on the basis of the much more numerous, accurate and more widely verifiable material evidence described in item #K1 above, which supports the interpretation from item #K1, exactly coincides with the features deduced on the basis of my scientific Theory of Everything from 1985 (also called the Concept of Dipolar Gravity), structure and operation of an individual speck of counter-matter, then for those readers to whom their worldview allows them to accept the truth, the religious description of this object provides additional proof and yet another independent confirmation that intelligent counter-matter does exist and actually demonstrates these components, characteristics, functions and actions which are assigned to it by logical deductions based on my scientific Theory of Everything of 1985. In turn, learning the truth about what the verses from the book of Zohar discussed here actually present is indescribably important for our civilization. After all, if they actually describe the structure, operation and attributes of the components of a single speck of counter-matter, then the scientific deciphering of these descriptions will allow humanity to master the ability to program counter-matter - and thus to begin on Earth the fifth and sixth "technical era of humanity". In turn mastering the programming of counter-matter will allow people to perform almost the same miracles of "creation from counter-matter" which God performed, while the capabilities of which I described in items #J4.5. and #J4.6. of my website Propulsion, and also in entries and #309 and #311 to the blogs of totalizm, and which together with my friend we illustrated on the film Drives of the Future resp in YouTube too.

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