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Img.277 from God proof (#J3)

Img.277 (#J3): NO, it is not at all this natural human figure that I have heard of being visible from the bed of the Rhine River. The reader may have previously encountered the above sarcastic joke of my critics on the Internet - but if he has NOT yet encountered it, I will explain here what the joke is about. Well, one of the opponents of my philosophy of totalizm laboriously inserted my photograph as the third (from the left) of the above presidents. He thus made an allusion to my repeated "déjà vu" which seems to reveal that in the previous passage through my present life (already invalidated in the present passage through the same life) I was the President of Poland, with my knowledge and diligence bringing her out of corruption, poverty, backwardness and subordinate role in the world and restoring her to her former status as the "United Empire of the Lechites", and also made an allusion to the political party of totalizm - which I once unsuccessfully tried to form, and to my later attempts to put up my candidacy in the Polish presidential elections to establish as the highest authority of the Polish government a special office to check every new law and every move of the government whether they are in accordance with the commands and requirements of God described in the Bible. (After all - as I explain this in item #J1. of my web page Free energy, an effective and correct checking of laws and decisions of the government and making them agreeable with the commandments and requirements of God, would quickly make Poland the most prosperous and happiest country in the world - what in times of its magnificence Poland once was.

After all, logic tells us that the conformity of all laws and decisions of a country with what God commands and requires in the Bible would initiate the likeness of this country to that future kingdom ruled by Jesus himself - whose laws and decisions will also be characterized by absolute conformity to the commands and requirements of God. In turn, the Bible promises us that this kingdom ruled by Jesus himself will be the most prosperous and happiest kingdom in our entire physical world. Unfortunately, so far various vices and lusts of politicians, continually hinder them from understanding and implementing this simple truth - so the only hope is that one day a follower of totalizm will be elected president, who will implement what I intended to do by putting up my candidacy for this office). Notice that the original photo shown above showed the 18-meter high so-called "Mt Rushmore National Monument" from South Dakota, USA - on which are fixed the four most prominent leaders (presidents) of the USA carved into the granite slope of the mountain, viz: Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. However, my unseen critics apparently see this slope quite differently. The reason I show this figure here is to illustrate how this natural human figure visible from the Rhine River actually looks like. For its appearance is very similar to the figures in the illustration above. Only that it depicts a single man in frontal view, and that the whole person, including legs and feet, is visible on it, not just any part of it. In turn, so accurate and so expressive natural human figure visible on a rock from the bed of the Rhine River, next to other megalithic edifices created by God (i.e. NOT built by people at all) and described, among others, in 4 from item #B2. of my website Humanity, can be considered to be another one of these evidences which God left on the Earth for reminding us about His actual existence.

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