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Img.276 from God proof (#J1)

Img.276 (#J1): A photograph of the so-called "tree of life", only that made of plastic. The idea of carving this tree probably originates from supernatural attributes of baobabs from the near-African island of Madagascar, described in more details in item #F4.4. of the website Stawczyk. This is because baobabs have this supernatural attribute, that if in their living trunk someone carves any figure, e.g. of any of the animals visible above, then these trees quickly heal their wounds, cover them with new bark, while this carved figure looks as if it naturally grew on them - means like on the above plastic "tree of life". From the internet and from youtube.com , or even just from the illustrations of this page, it is easy to note that for some vital reasons God grants sculpting talent and inspires to work a large number of people, who then devote their entire lives to turn into spectacular sculptures various natural forms, sometimes even entire mountains - as examples consider the similar to the above "tree of life" sculptures of someone named Alberto Gutierrez from Nicaragua - shown, among others. among others, on the video of the address youtube.com/watch?v=_5Wtn0id97g, sculptures of 4 US presidents made by Gotzon Borglum on Mount Rushmore - and shown, among others, on the video of the address youtube.com/watch?v=eBS---SXaiM, "Ahu Moai" statues from Easter Island, shown. Among others, on video youtube.com/watch?v=eBS---SXaiM, or the thousands of years old statue "The Lady of Mali" shown on video youtube.com/watch?v=bD_fWamMkcg (the videos indicated here were on youtube.com in March 2018). In 2008, photos of the above plastic "tree of life" were sent to me by an acquaintance in one of those "chain emails" that have been circulating around the world more and more lately. The email claimed that this was an actual tree supposedly growing in Nalgonda, in the dense forests of Andhra Pradesh, India. However, it later turned out to be one of several such plastic trees on display for the enjoyment of tourists at Disney-Land USA. The above photo is believed to be from "Disney Land's 'Animal Kingdom' " located at the "Epcot Center" of Orlando, Florida, USA.

The above picture eloquently illustrates that "everything that is beneficial to us we have to earn hard with our own efforts and struggles". - including gaining certainty that God exists. (I.e. according to what I am explaining in item #A3. of the website God proof, neither the certainty of God's existence, nor even anything else, no-one will ever give us for free as a gift. After all, "God intentionally designed our physical world and ourselves in such a way, that everything that comes to us with pleasure and without effort in the final analysis always turns out to be unfavorable for us and serving the interests of someone else.") The above photo shows a "fabricated" tree of life. If it were a photograph of a real "tree of life", then perhaps it would become for us a cognitive proof that God exists - but only if we previously put the required amount of our own effort to overcome in ourselves the "awareness barrier" and prove to ourselves that this tree actually exists, grows, and that it is alive and not, for example, fabricated from plastic. However, in order to prove to ourselves the authenticity of such a tree, it would still be necessary to put a considerable amount of effort and work into it - not to mention the fact that at the end of our actions we might find out that it is, however, a tree made of plastic.

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