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Img.265 from Tropical fruits (#J1)

Img.265: No, it is not "tapioca" at all. Tapioca roots are shown in the Img.264 (#B1) from a separate website Healing. In turn, the above photo shows "persimmons". Three of them are fresh, i.e. they are the same fruits which also in fresh state were shown on the photograph Abb.166 (#I1) above. In turn, two more persimmons from the above photo are shown already dried. (As you can see, after drying they turn into white, round "cakes", sugared with their own natural sugar). In this dried state, they can be purchased in grocery stores of tropical countries. They are widely available there because dried persimmons are used by the Chinese for medicinal purposes. Namely, they regulate and harden poop. Thus, they act somewhat similarly to tapioca, except that their effect is much milder than that of tapioca.

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