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Img.262 from Tropical fruits (#H5)

Img.262 (#H5): "Buah rambai" is a hugely rare and difficult to obtain tropical fruit. (Click here to see what "buah rambai" fruit looks like.) Locals in Malaysia call it "buah rambai" because the word "buah" means "fruit" - hence "buah rambai" literally means "rambai fruit." I must confess here that although I "hunted" for it for many years, I only managed to taste it for the first time in August 2008. Its flavor to me personally resembled the taste of very sweet Polish red cranberries - i.e. it is sweet and sour with that characteristic pleasant aftertaste of cranberries. Unfortunately, there is very little to eat in this fruit. This is because almost its entire interior is filled by two large, flat seeds similar to pumpkin seeds, covered only by a bit of edible, milky jelly. Hence, local connoisseurs eat it with these seeds. However, these seeds each have two sharp tips, which do NOT encourage swallowing them at all. Therefore, people like me, who would like to taste it, but do NOT have the courage to swallow its sharp seeds, must set themselves that rather one can only lick it, and NOT eat it. In addition, this edible jelly is as if sewn to the seeds with some fibrous substance. So if one does NOT want to swallow it together with the seeds, then there is a lot of fun in peeling the seeds from these edible fibers and jelly.

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