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Img.254 from Tropical fruits (#G4)

Img.254 (#G4): A very tasty Malaysian fruit called "longan berry". The word "longan" comes from Chinese (Cantonese dialect) and means "dragon eye" (English for "dragon eye"). The word "berry," on the other hand, comes from English - where it is used to describe all kinds of "berries." The white, grape-like "longan berry" (i.e. "dragon eye") must not be confused with the red, beet-like "dragon fruit" (i.e. "dragon fruit") shown in Img.240 (#E6a). Longan berry is half the size of Langsat. Its skin is very thin and brittle. It also has a large, black stone inside with a smooth, glassy surface, and about the size of a stone from European cherries or cherries.

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