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Img.251 from Tropical fruits (#G2)

Img.251 (#G2): Very tasty Malaysian fruit called "langsat".

Langsat is only one amongst several different tropical fruits which are available in Malaysia, and which look quite similar to each other, although the taste of which is different. These fruits include:
1. Langsat - described above in item #G2. It has a white, very thin skin. The taste of it is very pleasant, sweet-sour.
below. It also looks similarly to langsat, although it has a slightly pinkish and relatively thick skin. It is very sweet and tasty.
3. Longan berry - see description in item #G4.. By Chinese it is called the "dragon eye" (one should not confuse the white, grape-like fruits "dragon eye" with red, vegetable-like "dragon fruit", shown in photograph from Img.240 (#E6). Longan berry is of a half of size of langsat. The skin of it is thin and crispy. It also has inside a large, black seed with a smooth, glossy surface, of the size of an European cherry seed.
4. Lychee - described in item #G5. below. These fruits are slightly larger than all described before (i.e. larger than "langsat", "duku", or "longan berry"), are almost ideally round, while their cracking shell also looks also slightly different. So even by their appearance "lychee" indicate that they belong to a different family.
5. Rambai - described in item #H5 of this web page. (See how "rambai" fruits look like --> Img.263) It has a sweet-sour taste like European red-currents. Otherwise than all similar fruits described previously (i.e. otherwise than "langsat", "duku", "longan berry", or "lychee"), which we can eat by kilograms and we feel NO different afterwards, the "rambai" fruits contain substances and minerals which exert a clearly noticeable influence onto the human body. I am describing this influence in item #H5..

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