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Img.249 from Tropical fruits (#G1a)

Img.249 (#G1a): A stall with officially the world's most delicious fruit, the Malaysian "durian". Photo from January 2004. Durian is also often referred to as the "king of fruits." In fact, there is no other fruit in the world whose taste is as famous as that of the above Malaysian durian. It should be remembered, however, that in addition to Malaysia, durian fruit also grows in several other locations, such as Thailand and Australia. Unluckily, however, it somehow happens that, unlike in Poland, all tropical fruits drastically change their taste if they grow in other areas. Therefore, non-Malaysian varieties of durian are no longer as tasty as the famous Malaysian durian (some of them may even taste downright awful). For example, I personally became so disillusioned to the taste of the tailanda variety of durian that after several attempts I have now stopped buying this variety altogether - I consider its purchase to be throwing money away. Therefore, if anyone decides to try the taste of durian, I highly recommend that on the first attempt it should be obligatorily durian just from Malaysia - shown above and in the Img.250 (#G1b). I personally guarantee that its taste will not disappoint anyone. In turn, other varieties of durian, such as tailand or Australian, can be tried only after you already know how durian should taste.

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