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Img.246 from Tropical fruits (#F4)

Img.246 (#F4): Air jambu from the outside looks like a red variety of small cone-shaped apples. (Click here to see what "air jambu" fruit looks like.) However, after cutting it open, it turns out that apart from the thick solid skin, its entire rest is filled with a sort of white, loose padding. The closest thing to what I think would describe its flavor is Polish sour cherries - except that when you eat it, it feels like you're biting into an edible wad of sour cherry flavor. I personally am NOT fond of this fruit, although I know that there are connoisseurs who love it. In terms of price, air jambu belongs to the group of average-priced fruits. (I.e., in spite of its not very interesting taste, it is NOT cheap at all.) In terms of the energy it contains, the "air jambu" fruit belongs to the "yin" or "cooling" fruits. Since in modern times people typically eat excessive amounts of unbalanced "kindling" (i.e. "yang") food, frequent eating of "cooling" fruits, to which "air jambu" belongs, is healthy and highly recommended.

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