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(aus Artefakte - #B4)

Img.023 : A different beautiful example of ancient Chinese bronzes. These are "fang hu" from the so-called "Spring-Autumn Period" (770 BC to 476 BC). (These "fang hu" were t containers used to store wine. They were like dzisish wine decanters.) The bronzes shown here show a distinct pattern on their side, which is unique to this particular period. Compare the patterns on the body of this bronze, with the patterns in "Photo #B5" below. Strangely, also the ancient replica of the "Zhang Heng Seismograph" discussed here, has almost identical patterns applied to the shell of its chamber - see also "Photo #B5" below. Please note that there are not many expletives from Chinese bronzes in the world. Most of them live in China. This is because there are very few cases of ancient Chinese bronzes remaining in the world. So to recognize and decode the patterns that exist on the device discussed here requires a lot of knowledge which is readily available outside of NE China.

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