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Img.225 from Free energy - (#I1)/ (#E1) - Telekinesis

Img.225 (#I1): The above photo captured an unusual ghostly white light called an "absorption glow." In past this glow was considered to be supernatural - in fact until today it is emitted during recorded on videos appearances of angels - e.g. see videos posed in "Video #H3c" from my web page 2020 life. On the above photograph it is emitted from the space surrounding the divining rod which was displaced by telekinetic motion. This is because from this space the telekinetic effect rapidly absorbed the heat existing in there, stimulating the electrons of the air to emit a white glow. Just such a "supernatural" glow of absorption, together with a drop in ambient temperature, are the two most important indicators of telekinetic motion. They allow us to distinguish between telekinetic motion and ordinary physical motion.

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