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Img.215 from Telekinetic cell (#H2)

Img.215 (#H2): The wiring diagram of the "crystal radio" in which a 1N34 germanium diode is used instead of galena crystals. A prototype of this radio was tested and it works for AM long wave. A description of the above radio is contained in the book [6FE], pages 39 to 42, and its electrical diagram is shown there on page 41.

Descriptions in that book [6FE] report that the 1N34 germanium diode crystal radio shown above consists of the following components: (A) - an antenna from 80 to 100 feet long (i.e. 24 to 30 meters), (L) - 150 coils of emailed wire (in English, "enameled wire 24 ga. ") wound on a paper tube with a diameter of 2 inches (5 cm) and a length of 4 inches (10 cm), (E) - a well-functioning ground (e.g. metal sewer pipes), (C) - a 365 pF reed capacitor (from an old radio), (G) - a 1N34 germanium diode (note that it can NOT be a silicon diode), (C2) - a 0.005 micro F disk capacitor for 35 volts, (H) - high impedance headphones (at least 2000 Ohms). I have also heard the opinion that instead of headphones (H) you can use a speaker with a transformer - whose windings replace the inductors from the headphones. Unfortunately, so far, I have NOT been able to confirm this opinion on some crystal radio design that has been proven in operation.

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