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Img.214 from Telekinetic cell (#H1)

Img.214 (#H1): Electrical diagram of the original versions of the crystal radio. It is the above design of this radio that works just because its inventors, NOT knowing this at all, accidentally built into its circuitry a primitive version of a "telekinetic cell". However, in a conscious and scientific manner this "telekinetic cell" was invented only by myself in 1989 - spending then over 22 years on laborious dissemination around the world of knowledge on its subject and on trying to convince decision makers and those who strenuously denied me and obstructed the completion of this cell, that it can be build after all, that its construction is worth undertaking, and that after it is completed this cell will provide the humanity with unlimited amounts of electricity completely "for free". (This page is a product of one of the methods I use in my efforts of this convincing.) These my efforts and continuous convincing yielded the first fruits only after more than 22 years, i.e. in December 2011, when a "radio maker" from Poland having appropriate knowledge, instrumentation and conditions, measured experimentally the "efficiency" of this radio, and this efficiency turned out to be "astronomically" exceeding 100% - for details see descriptions from part #J from this webpage Telekinetic cell.

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