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Img.212 (aus Interpretation UFO photographs (#I1)

Img.212 (#I1): Here is a photo which brilliantly illustrates the typical appearance and characteristics of a sizable proportion of photos of a miniature UFO probe, which in the UFOlogy community is popularly known by the English-language name "rod", or "pallet". An illustration of this "rod" is this segmented streak running out from the upper right corner of the photo and penetrating the couch near the child's left hand. (A photograph of the typical appearance of miniature UFO courts, photographed from a different direction which shows the circular outline of their plate-like body, hence popularly called "orbs", is shown as Img.333 (#G1b) und Img.335 (#G2b) auf der Webseite Landslips.

To the description of the above photograph I should add here, that photographs of these miniature UFO probes, thus both "rods" and "orbs", belong to objects the appearance of which on the Earth is "simulated" by God for achieving various superior divine goals (e.g. for inspiring people to research, think, creative searches, discussions, change of philosophy, bringing progress to science and technology, etc.). - for descriptions of some of these goals see Teil J of the website Hurrycane or in part S, especially in item S1 og the website Plagues). In turn all "simulations" of God are purposely implemented in such a manner that they fulfil the so-called "canon of indeterminacy" and thus that they do NOT deprive people of their "free will". (For an indication what these simulations are - see item #K1.) Therefore, each individual out of such "simulations" of God contains in itself simultaneously at least 3 sets of different attributes, which depending on someone's worldview allow to explain it on at least 3 different ways - as more comprehensively this is explained in item #C2. of the totaliztic Website Tornado. For example, regardless of explaining the phenomenon captured above as (1) a "UFO probe" (i.e. a "rhodium"), some will probably explain it as (2) a "camera strap that went into the frame", others as (3) a "flight of a butterfly" or a moth, and only very few will probably see in it another (4) perfectly designed and implemented "simulation" of God.

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